Tuesday, February 28, 2012

new applicants are here for interviewing

Today we will have 17 young women (some with family) visiting campus and interviewing to start studying in April.  Unfortunately we can’t accept all at this time, but we expect to choose a good group of students to study here. 

We are glad that we are able to continue to grow the school and educate young women who are ready to become leaders of their communities and their country.  We are excited that this 3rd group of students will approximately double our current enrollment to about 20 students, possibly more. 

Construction on a new bungalow for our cook has started which will open up a bedroom for the new students.  We also have plans to start construction of a new classroom.  We are also looking for funding of a library that we could start building soon as well.  This would provide a place for the girls to have additional resources for studying, researching, and/or a quiet place for reading and studying.  Our ideal library will also have a small computer lab where the girls could get on the internet or use for homework or projects. 

Like I said we are very excited to have all that we currently have and we have great visions for providing education to hundreds of young women in Honduras.  We are extremely thankful for what we have and for those who have supported us throughout the growth process.  

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